Rewards: when "thanks!" just isn't enough

Today we're launching Disco Rewards, the easiest way to give a boost to your employee recognition.


We've been thinking about rewards for a very long time -- it's something our conversations with customers keeps coming back to, again and again.

We wanted to get it right. We've always felt that peer recognition for great work, and the ability to shine a light on those living the core values of your company, was the best way to make people feel appreciated.

Looking beyond the day-to-day though, we realized that there are times when a kudos just isn't enough. Situations like celebrating a major work anniversary, the completion of a massive project, or even a big personal life milestone -- these are all things that teams share together, and where managers have an opportunity to do a little more.

With that in mind, we've created an incredibly easy way for admins and managers to select rewards they feel fit their team the most. From a day at the spa to a night at the movies, there's a little something for everyone! And we're not done yet -- you can pick from some amazing charities, and custom rewards are also on the horizon for the very near future.


To help support giving rewards, we've also added profile pages. Any user can sign into Disco and see the recognition they've given and received, and managers can use those pages to quickly send out a reward to that employee. We'll be adding more functionality to profile pages soon, too, like the ability to export all your data, and see which stars you've been nominated for with prompts!


Click here to get started with rewards now! And please let us know how it's going by dropping us an email at Haven't installed Disco yet? Get it on Slack today.