Putting Company Values First at Treehouse

Putting Company Values First at Treehouse

Hear from Noel Van Dyke, HR @ Treehouse on how they use Disco to champion their values.

Scaling Culture

The team at Treehouse was founded on a strong set of core values and the importance of transparency and real-time feedback. As the team grew and opened up remote offices, their Head of HR, Noel, was tasked with helping to maintain that healthy environment, and to find a recognition platform that could easily tie to their core values and the company’s performance management processes.

Treehouse's Goals

  • Celebrate company wins across their distributed team
  • Measure company and individual success against the company values
  • Tie employee recognition to Treehouse’s Performance Management processes

They launched Disco in February of 2015.


The team took to Disco immediately. Since adopting Disco, over 18,000+ pieces of feedback have been exchanged, 100% of employees are participating, and awareness and adoption of company values skyrocketed.

Meeting Treehouse employees where they work

In order to ensure that employees would engage, Noel knew that she’d have to partner with a solution provider that would “meet Treehouse employees where they work”. That platform was Slack. Treehouse adopted Disco in February of 2015, and two years later, company engagement with Disco is at an all-time high with almost 18,000 pieces of feedback exchanged since launch.

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