10 Ways Companies Use Disco to Improve Their Culture

Learn how companies such as Glossier and Canva are using Disco to cater to their unique needs

10 Ways Companies Use Disco to Improve Their Culture

What can one app really do to change the culture of an entire company? Here are 10 ways that Disco has been used to improve some incredible companies.

Celebrate Company Values- Five9

Five9 was looking for a way to bring their high5 program into Slack and more closely tie accomplishments to their core values. The team used kudos to reenforce core values. Five9 customized the kudos keyword to "high5" and uploaded their custom values emojis to make Disco fit their culture.

Success Metrics

  • 65% of the 1500 employees used Disco in the first 30 days.
  • Every employee has interacted with the core values since launch.
  • +5% of employees feeling recognized in quarterly survey

Employee of the Month- Orangetheory fitness

Orangetheory Fitness wanted an easy way to identify & celebrate an employee of the month. Using Disco nominations, they were able to crowdsource and gather incredible employee stories, select an employee of the month with input from the executive leadership team, and announce the winner.

Success Metrics

  • 100% employee participation
  • +250% increase in nominations
  • 10 hours saved in administrative work each month

Quarterly Values Nominations- Accolade

Accolade had an existing value nominations program that was time consuming and didn't get a lot of employee participation. With Disco, they can now automatically gather employee nominations based on their values with almost no overhead. Employees are prompted to vote each quarter, and results show up on the administrative dashboard.

Success Metrics

  • 300% increase in employee participation
  • 12 hours saved in program administration

Replace Monetary Rewards- Rue La La

Rue Gilt Groupe found traditional reward programs to be expensive to scale when they are solely anchored in points and dollars. Monetary rewards can also lead to low engagement once the allure of dollars wears off. With Disco raffles, Rue Gilt Groupe created custom monetary & non-monetary rewards. Employees earn entries into the raffle each month by giving or receiving kudos. Disco saves time by automatically announcing winners each month.

Success Metrics

  • +45% in kudos given once raffles enabled
  • 100% of prizes selected & fulfilled
  • Saved an estimated 8 hours of time with Disco automation

Foster Diversity and Inclusion- Glossier

Glossier was looking for ways to digitize and scale their diversity & inclusion initiative. They used Disco to create custom diversity & inclusion tags to be used and celebrated in kudos.

Success Metrics

  • 100% of employees interact with diversity tags

Fun and Private Compliments- Wave

Wave was looking for a fun way pull people into a habit of appreciation without needing to call them out publicly in channels. They turned to Disco compliments. Compliments are private (sent out via direct message) and are customized to fit their culture, ensuring that all employees feel appreciated for their special talents.

The compliments feature has been a beautiful way for Wavers to start their day with pure positive energy.

-Josh Siegal, VP Organizational Effectiveness at Wave

Success Metrics

  • 5,000 compliments sent out and counting
  • Average employee sends 8 compliments per week

Celebrate Team Level Values- Hubspot

Hubspot's customer success organization has their own set of team-level values. They were looking for a tool to help drive celebration and engagement with living those values inside Slack. With Disco, Hubspot can configure both their core values and the customer support team values that only applies to those teammates. This drives higher team-level adoption of the core values, which yields happier customer support reps and happier customers!

Success Metrics

  • 100% employee participation
  • 5% increase in customer net promoter score

Connect Intranet to Disco API- Canva

Canva is known for their ability to make awesome business collateral. So of course their company intranet is awesome, and they wanted their employee engagement program to tightly integrate with the intranet. Canva integrated with the Disco API to push real-time recognition directly to their intranet. Employees can now see and give kudos in Slack or on their internal company pages. With API access, they were able to build custom data views to run reporting on company values adoption.

Success Metrics

  • 99.9% API uptime
  • Pushing hundreds of kudos per week

Measure and Monitor Employee Engagement- Alaska USA

Alaska USA was looking for an easy way to measure employee sentiment while keeping close tabs on how sentiment is changing across a variety of employee engagement categories. The team found pulse surveys to be easy to setup and easy for employees to use. Employees never have to leave Slack and can respond to questions while they are already giving or receiving feedback with Disco.

Success Metrics

  • 88% response rate per week
  • 10% increase in eNPS

Company Values Launch Day- Hatch

Hatch needed a way to jumpstart the relaunch of their values and culture. The team came up with a fun concept called "Manifesto day," an entire day dedicated to showcasing their values and culture. The team utilized Disco to introduce their values in a fun and new way that immediately got employees interacting with and celebrating the values with kudos & raffles.

Success Metrics

  • 90% of employees interacted with values on day 1

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