Disco runs on stars

Disco runs on Stars! Read about what that actually means.

Disco runs on stars

Since the dawn of time, humans have gazed, admired, and relied upon the stars. For warmth, inspiration, navigation, and meaning; stars have become symbols of love, hope, mastery, and pride.

At Disco, we've been on a mission to make the celebration of people more easy, more frequent, and more fun. We've also been in search of a symbol that perfectly encapsulates the beauty and complexity of workplace relationships and accomplishments, paired with the simplicity of the human desire to seek purpose and fulfillment from our work.

After reflecting on 2 years of progress and tens of thousands of teams using Disco, all we had to do was look up. It became abundantly clear that each and every one of our customer teams was filled with all-stars, rockstars, and office karaoke popstars.

We all shine on. Like the moon and the sun and the stars. − John Lennon

Which is why I'm excited to announce a few big updates to Disco:

Star points

All the recognition you receive will accumulate into stars. This includes mentions, prompts (NEW!) , and items added to recognition like reactions, GIFs, and cards.


@disco will show your stars stats via the @disco stats command.


Star prompts

A totally new way to give out stars, by celebrating your team through fun, positive questions! You can give up to 3 a day, and when you select someone on your team who best represents the prompt, that person receives a star. Simple! You'll be notified when you receive a star from a prompt and when new prompts are available (usually daily). You can adjust the frequency (or turn off entirely) on your settings page.


🔥 Want to submit your own prompts? Fill out this form and if we choose yours you'll get free Disco shirts & stickers for your team!

FYI, you can still out give unlimited stars in channels:


NOTE that ⭐️ or :star: must be an active Disco keyword. Add keywords here.

Disco responses

We've brought back Disco responses in a fun new way with reply cards. Disco will add a reply after each star mention and teammates can pile on with their own cards in real-time. Each card or GIF added gives the recipient a star. Huzzah!


Please check out our public roadmap and follow us on twitter to let us know what you think of the recent updates.

To happier humans!