Disco's Productivity Tools for 2018 🚀

Here’s a list of Team Disco’s favorite apps and integrations of the last year. And a gift for you!

Disco's Productivity Tools for 2018 🚀

It should be no surprise that happiness and productivity go hand-in-hand. When we feel like we're being recognized for the work that we do, we're more likely to take a vested interest in the success of our teams (and products!). Happiness is just good business, and the data proves it.

Here at Disco, we obviously believe that recognition can go a long way in improving the overall morale of a company, and can therefore make work more engaging and fun. For the last six months, we’ve been working with the team at All Turtles on a complete rebrand and design overhaul of our product (you may have known us previously as Growbot), and along the way we’ve made good use of our own suite of productivity tools to keep us on track (and sane).

Naturally, as a product built on Slack, we made generous use of team messaging, shared channels, and various robust third-party applications, both to help our own small team and to collaborate with designers, contractors, video producers, and everyone else who made Disco possible!

Certainly, there were some standout products. Here’s a list of Team Disco’s favorite apps and integrations of the last year. Let us know which ones you’ve tried (or list your own personal favorites) in the comments!

Jeremy (Co-founder, CEO)

Baremetrics: It gives us instant visibility into the customer success pipeline, and has a handy Slack integration to make insights even more readily available.

Something that has truly embedded itself into my workflow is Loom. I use it in the browser to quickly record and share voice annotated screen recordings with my team in Slack, with customers, with anybody. It has truly changed the speed at which I’m able to communicate. Instead of needing a 15m meeting to communicate a bug I’m seeing, I can send a 30s Loom recording and save both me and my team a ton of time.


Jorge (Senior Software Engineer)

Jira Cloud: Help teams organize product workflow. Ensuring that everyone across the team is on the same page while keeping everyone accountable.


Not only does Jira have a fantastic Slack integration, but the mobile app has been a game changer for us. It’s a great way to see changes made to tickets, make comments on the fly, and update our boards while on the go.

Joseph (Co-founder)

Amplitude: Makes it easy to understand your user’s behaviors and share insights with the team with a dedicated Slack bot.


For a small company, being able to clearly see, understand, and evaluate our data (and respond quickly to that data) is extremely important. Amplitude makes creating charts and funnels super easy (and dare we say… fun?).

Juno (Lead Software Engineer):

Github: It facilitates communication throughout the development pipeline and has good tools to adapt to various workflows.


I don’t really have much to add here about Github. If you’re using it, you already know how valuable it is. If you’re not, then what are you waiting for?

Justin (Co-founder)

Headspace: I made it a personal goal to begin daily meditation in 2018, but really didn't know how to get started. As someone entirely new to practicing meditation, Headspace has been a wonderful tool to help me take the first step by educating me on the practice and purpose of meditation, with helpful reminders and triggers to build the habit of bringing this into my daily routine.


Unfortunately, there isn’t yet a Headspace app for Slack yet, but they are available for teams and companies who are looking to have a more mindful workplace (and have better “business outcomes”). That’s something anyone can get behind!

Mari (Design)

Muzli by InVision: When I open my Chrome, I spend a few minutes to look for design inspiration and to check tech blogs.


We’re big fans of InVision here at Disco (we used it extensively for our redesign) and I personally always look forward to Clark’s emails. You can choose for the app to either show you the latest design inspiration, or the top news and clips from the world of technology. No matter which path speaks to you the most, you’ll get a great list of links to get the mind moving.

Veronica (Product)

Bullet Journal: I realize this is a completely non-technical solution, but the biggest change to my productivity this year was a simple analog bullet journal. I keep track of all my weekly and daily tasks, create lists and collections, and something about writing it all down on paper makes me remember everything so much more. But when I’m ready to share tasks and delegate, I love Begin for Slack (request early access here).


Productivity is more than just scratching the most things off your to-do list (though that part is nice!). It’s about finding the right places and times to be productive, and creating that balance between what needs to be done immediately versus what can be put on the backburner for another day. Our overall wellness, happiness, and balance fits into that equation nicely, too -- it’s just about having the right tools and information to make those decisions!

To help you be more productive in this new year, we have a special offer for our Slack-using (or Slack-curious) friends out there! Sign up with us for a $100 credit towards a new Slack workspace for 2018.

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Here’s to a happy and productive 2018!