G Suite is a big part of team Disco's workflow (Gmail, Chat, Calendar, etc). It's a big reason why we're particularly excited to bring our Disco sparkle to their newest enterprise messaging platform, Hangouts Chat.

As you may know, we're a small team, so taking on new platforms is not a small task. What got us particularly excited about G Suite's efforts are:

  1. It's collaborative. They've done a stellar job of streamlining communication between teammates to strike a great balance between communication and ability to get work done.
  2. It's integrated. As I mentioned above, we use a lot of other G Suite products. Locating and sharing messages and files is a breeze.
  3. It's smart. Google is a pioneer in the AI/ML space, and we're very excited to see this tech applied to make celebration, collaboration, and communication more efficient and pleasant.

Here's how to get started!

Add @disco to a room


Disco introduces itself

Disco will say "Hi" to your team and explain how to recognize eachother:


Celebrate someone

To start sending ⭐️s, just send something like:


Disco will respond to a long list of positive keywords like: kudos, shoutout, nice work, great work, wins, and more.

Disco will respond, save it, and allow others to pile on.

Teammates can add stars to bubble up the best work


We're excited to be a part of Chat and even more excited to add more features and functionality to the platform over time.

Have feedback?!

Email us at support@justdisco.com. We'd love to hear how to make Disco even better.