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Disco FAQ

How should I introduce Disco to my team?

When you're ready to officially launch Disco, simply announce the app via email, in a meeting or directly in a channel, share our Getting Started Guide (for Slack or MS Teams) and start inviting Disco to team channels.

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How do I give Kudos?

In Slack, type “kudos @teammate and the awesome thing they did” in any Slack channel Disco is a member of. You can also give kudos anytime via the Disco Home tab by tapping the "Give kudos" button.

In Microsoft Teams, type, “@Disco kudos @teammate and the awesome thing they did” in any channel. You can also give kudos via a form in any channel or chat by pinning the Disco app.

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How do I update our company values?

Head to the values settings page, then click "add company values."

Next, fill out the form–add as many values as you'd like

  • Name - the name of the value
  • Description - describe what your value means
  • Emoji - choose a fun emoji that represents your value.

Once this is set up, you can give kudos and tag a specific value

Click here to learn about tagging values on Slack, and here for MS Teams!

How can I build a culture of appreciation?

Learn how other companies like Orangetheory Fitness, Canva, and Glossier have used Disco to improve their company culture here

How do I send Compliments with Disco?

Slack users can visit the Disco app home tab to send fun, anonymous compliments via the "Compliment someone" button. Disco generates random compliment cards each day. Once all three daily compliments have skipped or sent, employees will need to wait until the cards reset the following day to send additional compliments.

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